​​Should I Hire a Ghostwriter for My Book in 2022?

A Ghostwriter? Yes, Please

We’ll let you in on a little secret in the publishing industry: most business authors and public figures use ghostwriters to help them author their books. A talented ghostwriter provides expertise, valuable guidance, and feedback, and can shave years off the book creation process.

If you’re looking to author a book in 2022, an experienced ghostwriter can help you by serving three vital roles: editor, partner, and writer.



A Great Editor Helps You Create Best-Selling Ideas

A good editor can edit and revise a manuscript. A great editor can edit a book even before it’s written!

You need an expert guiding you to help organize your ideas. They can show you what’s worth writing about and what’s just fluff. Even the greatest ideas can fall flat if they’re not presented the right way. An experienced editor can provide you with an experienced perspective when it comes to choosing what to write and how to write it.


A Great Partner Holds You Accountable

We often talk to authors who have been trying to write their books for years. They plug away at it when they have time but never feel like they’re making real progress. They have compelling stories and great ideas but they can’t seem to get them onto the page. Months turn to years, and their passion for the project deflates.

A ghostwriter is your collaborative partner. They are going to continue working on the project until it is done. They will have regular meetings with you and give you specific tasks and completion dates. Because the project is no longer your own private affair, you will be more compelled to continue working on it.


A Great Ghostwriter Achieves the Highest Quality Writing

Writing is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice to refine. While just about all professionals are literate, most have not taken years to develop the craft of writing. But just because they aren’t skilled writers doesn’t mean they don’t have valuable wisdom to share.

A talented ghostwriter can help you take your wisdom and stories and craft them in a way that is both engaging and enjoyable for readers.


Your Time Is Too Valuable to Waste

Don’t let your book languish as an incomplete file on your computer. You have something truly valuable to share with the world. It would be a shame for you to keep it to yourself for years, or worse, for it to never see the light of day.

Don’t view your book as something fanciful that you’ll “get around to someday.” Give it the priority it deserves. Hire a professional to help you make it a reality.

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