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Ghostwriting. It’s the biggest “secret” in the publishing industry. Most business book authors and public figures use ghostwriters to help them author their books. 

A talented ghostwriter provides expertise, valuable guidance, and feedback, and can shave years off the book creation process.

If you’re looking to author a book, an experienced ghostwriter can help you by serving three vital roles: editor, coach, and writer.

Editor: A good editor can edit and revise a manuscript. A great editor can edit a book even before it’s written!

Coach: Authors often need a guide, accountability buddy, and partner to keep the momentum going and never lose sight of the goals.

Writer: Writing is a skill, and like any skill, it takes practice to refine. After writing dozens of books, our ghostwriters have the refinement your book needs.

Bottom-line: Ghostwriting helps craft your wisdom and stories in a way that is both engaging and enjoyable for readers.

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